When it comes to glass, Car-Fi's got you covered!


Car-Fi is and authorized dealer for both 3M and Solargard, two of most prestigious glass tint and film manufacturers in the industry. Those companies know that we have the experience and know-how to help you determine just the right glass film application for your auto, home or business. In fact, outside of one shop in Fayetteville, Car-Fi is the only Authorized 3M Dealer within 100 miles.

Automotive Window Tint


We can make you feel as cool as your car looks with a auto glass tint application from our glass film experts. Besides giving your ride a custom look, auto glass tint has many additional advantages:


• Cooler Ride - Blocks up to 70% of solar heat in warm weather.

• Warmer Ride - Helps keep heat in your vehicle when it's cold out.

• Block UV Rays - Provides UV protection equivalent to SPF 285 (that's about 99% blocked).

   That protects yourself,passengers, seats and dash from harmful UV light.

• Better Privacy - Increases your privacy by blocking up to 95% of visible light into vehicles.

• Better Visibilty - See clearer and safer by preventing glare from the sun and headlights

   from blinding you

• Better Hot Weather Mileage - Less air-conditioner usage means less fuel burned

Commercial (Business) Window Tint and Glass Film


Along with improving the look of the building, glass film provides many benefits for business or commercial structures. Here's some of the improvements you could gain:


• Save Energy Costs - Reduces the amount of heat coming through your windows by up to 30%

   to help lower utility costs.

• Improve Comfort - Increase the comfort level of your building's occupants by reducing glare

   and eliminating hot spots and cold spots.

• Protects Flooring, Furniture and Artwork - Save expenses by protecting what's inside from

   fading, discoloration, premature deterioration and color loss that solar energy can cause .

• Increased Structure Safety - Safety film can reduce the hazard of flying glass and prevent

   flying objects from penetrating windows

• Break-In Protection - Car-Fi carries safety films are specially designed to make it extremely difficult to break out a window by holding broken glass

   panes in place. This prevents easy entry into your business, deterring thieves and vandals.

Residential Window Tint


Live Beautifully with tinted windows - It's like sunscreen for your home! Beside adding curb appeal, there are several perks to adding residential glass film to your home:


• Lower Cooling Costs - Keep your home cooler by preventing over 80% of the sun’s energy

   from  entering it.

• Lower Heating Costs - For colder times, a “low-e” film can help eliminate heat loss though

   glass. With the energy savings, most films pay for themselves within several years. This also

   means extended HVAC life.

• Increased Comfort - Enjoy more even temperature throughout your home and avoid the

   blinding light that ruins your view

• Better Privacy & Security - Tint can provide you with increased privacy. Protect your home

   and family with our special security film that makes glass extremely hard to break.

• Preserve Your Home's Contents - Protect furniture, fabrics and carpeting from fading, discoloration, color loss and deterioration by controlling

   visible light, utraviolet rays and solar heat transmissions.

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