Vehicle Tracking Systems

Want to monitor a vehicle being used by family (popular with parents) or employees from your smart-phone or PC? You can check vehicle location and speed, find out mileage driven, get alerts when it's being towed or goes beyond set boundaries plus much more with a GPS (Global Positioning System) Vehicle Tracking system from Car-Fi. These tracking systems have steadily grown in their use over the past decade and are commonly used in commercial carriers, general fleet management, construction, delivery and repair vehicles as well as consumer owned automobiles.

There are two basic types of GPS vehicle tracking systems, each with their own attributes and requirements.


Passive tracking systems – records motion and location over a determined period of time. It needs to be removed from the vehicle and coupled with a computer to show a record of locations that have been visited during that specified time frame. Because these use dated technologies, they're not in demand much anymore.

Active (Real-Time) tracking systems – can track movement and location in real-time giving the viewer of the information an exact location of the vehicle being tracked. The information it collects is sent to your smartphone, pc or tablet. These are the type of tracking systems Car-Fi sells. Active tracking consumes more power so these systems are best ran off of the vehicle’s electrical system. Active tracking systems, in most cases, require a service plan.


The active tracking device that mounts in the vehicle will be either a plug-in or hard-wired design. The plug-in style generally plugs into your vehicle's OBDII port. The advantage of this style of device is that it's a simple install and can easily be moved from one car to another. The disadvantage is that if the occupant of the vehicle doesn't want to be monitored, they just unplug it. The OBDII port needs to be in a accessible location for service use.

Hardwired GPS vehicle tracking systems are our most popular systems. They are:


• more dependable - no possibility of a loose plug-in connection.

• undetectable  - it's hard to disable one if you don't know it's there.  Even if you know it's there, it isn't easily accessible.

• made to be integrated into our remote start and alarm systems.

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