Today's aftermarket in-dash receivers offer a multitude of features. Not only do they deliver increased audio performance, they can make your time on the road safer and more fun! Two standard sizes are generally available - DIN (7-3/8″wide by 2-1/4″ high) or Double DIN (7-3/8″wide by 3-3/8″high). Although not requested often, we also have custom fit units made specifically for vehicle-specific factory dash applications available.

Smartphone App Receivers

The newest development in car stereo receivers is designing them to work (using Bluetooth or wired) with popular smartphone apps . These include streaming music services like Pandora, Spotify and iHeart radio. Most will connect automatically through Bluetooth when you get in your car and will allow you to view album art and browse through your playlists with a few swipes of your finger.


Some take it further incorporating Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility. Android Auto in-dash receivers take what you need from your compatible Android phone and puts it an easier-to-see, safer-to-use format accessible right on your dash. Android Auto also lets you "upgrade" your compatible in-dash DVD by sneaking voice-controlled Google Maps navigation from your phone into your non-navigation receiver.

Apple CarPlay lets you use your iPhone more safely in the car by adapting familiar apps and icons for your compatible in-dash receiver. CarPlay receivers also allow you to use Siri voice control to send and receive messages, make calls, play music and more - all without taking your eyes off the road

Navigation DVD Receivers

Need to find out how to get to a particular location? Tired of getting lost when you’re driving? Navigation receivers have all the features found in DVD in-dash stereos, but they also deliver easy-to-use guidance right at your fingertips!  Plus it allows you to get a better map view than smartphones or most portable navigators can deliver.


Some units offer compatibility with real-time traffic services to inform you of traffic jams, construction sites and even average speed of the route you’re on. Some of these traffic services may require subscriptions.


Manufacturers may periodically release updates with the most current map information available. Generally you don’t have to update your maps too often.

DVD Multimedia Receivers

Most of these unit are a full double DIN size. If you have a single DIN dash opening to work with don't worry. DVD receivers are available in a single DIN size with flip-out motorized screens.


DVD receivers open you up to the convenience of a touch screen. Most of the often used features are laid out in handy display panels, giving you easy access to control the unit and it's functions. Many can be used with apps like Pandora iHeart Radio. Along with providing app controls, they can display track info and album art right on your dash. Most DVD receivers will allow a back-up camera to be used with them.


Obviously, these are great if you want to build a mobile video system. You not only can watch video on the receiver's screen, you can send the video out to other monitors in the vehicle. For safety, DVD receivers are designed to be watched only when the vehicle is parked.

CD Receivers

CDs are still one of the most popular ways to take your music with you. Most CD receivers will play artist CDs or compilations you record yourself. Many will also play home-made discs with MP3 files, WMA (Windows Media Audio) files and AAC files on them.


Many of these have USB ports and AUX (auxiliary) inputs so you can plug in outside media sources like smartphones, thumb-drives and MP3 players


We carry numerous models that have Bluetooth built in. Bluetooth is generally used for hands-free calling, but can also be used for streaming music. Note that not all in-dash receivers with Bluetooth can stream audio, so make sure it has this capability when choosing it.

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