Your own Movie Theater on wheels


Tired of trying to figure out how to keep the kids (little and big) occupied when you're out driving? Whether you're looking for overhead monitors, headrest video or custom applications, Car-Fi has the just the right

Rear Seat Entertainment system to keep the gang in the back happy on the road!

Headrest Monitors

For those of you who want to maintain the original look of the vehicle, we sell and install both universal and factory-matched headrest monitors with screens up to 9" available.


Headrest monitors usually have DVD players and wireless headphone transmitters built in. The wireless IR transmitters send sound to the viewer's headphones so the people up front won't have to listen to what's being watched. The headrests also usually have FM transmitters built in so the can send the audio through the vehicles speakers.


Some systems have just one DVD drive for both monitors, while some have separate players in each headrest. This allows the back seat passengers the option of watching two separate videos. Many of these systems have USB and SD inputs for more media source options.

Overhead Monitors

If you own a ride with a 3rd seat option or just want a bigger screen, overhead monitors are very popular. Screen sizes from a neat 9" up to a whopping 23" are available. And our installation techs are experts at making your overhead monitor look like it came from the factory when they're done. You can even put A two in many vans and SUV/CUVs for double the fun!


Overhead monitor systems are available with built-in DVD players. You can also use an in-dash DVD receiver as a media source as all of our monitors have multiple AV inputs. Many have USB and HDMI inputs. The HDMI input allows you to stream HD content from your smartphone or tablet connected via a HDMI cord. Some of our overhead monitors have optional adapters available so you'll be able to stream video content wirelessly from your smartphone or tablet.


For the ultimate theater experience, we've installed both headrest and overhead monitors in  many a vehicle. Popcorn is optional!

Back-up Assistance Systems - Rear-view cameras

Avoid possible insurance expense and Increase safety for you and for others by adding a back-up assistance system to your vehicle. With the addition of a rear-view camera you can see what's going on behind you before you back up. The camera can be viewed though your factory radio (with screen), an after-market DVD receiver, a rear-view mirror or a small stand-alone monitor.


We have a number of different styles of back-up cameras available to fit your application. These cameras are fairly small and unobtrusive when mounted, so they don't take away from the overall appearance of your ride. These are also quite popular with our customers that own RVs and buses or pull a trailer occasionally.

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