Car Stereo Amplifiers


One of the best ways to improve the sound quality in your vehicle is to increase the output power of the audio system by adding car stereo amplifiers.

Your existing stereo system has power built in it but it can often be on the weak side. This will limit both the volume and sound quality you system can produce. Adding an outboard amplifier to the mix can help you get over these inadequacies. More output power will help you achieve higher volume levels and better musical clarity. Having more clean power available also can help to prevent damage to your speakers.

Car Stereo Speakers


Upgrading your speakers is an easy way to improve the overall sound of your car stereo. Car-Fi carries options to match the size of nearly all speakers found in factory locations. For those out there (especially our street rod customers) that want speakers where none existed before, our custom install department can fix you up.


Speaker upgrades are available in either full range replacements (single speaker producing all musical content) or component sets (separate low/mid range speakers coupled with separate tweeters). Component speaker systems allow for placement of the tweeter in a location that is optimum for sound reproduction. The better the tweeter is, the more spacial and realistic the music is. We have a wide variety of speakers actively hooked up for you to audition and experience the differences for yourself.

Car Stereo Subwoofers


Often the weakest link in a car stereo is the bass it does (or doesn't) put out. Full range speakers are too limited in size to effectively produce deep bass. Even how they are mounted can reduce bass output. That's where subwoofers come in. These are designed specifically for bass reproduction - they aren't used for full range sound. They are matched with enclosures built to help the subwoofer put out maximum low end. Bass requires more power to produce those low long audio frequencies, so will you will also need to add an amplifier to the mix.


Stop by Car-Fi and let us show you how we can make the sound you're dreaming of a reality.

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